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Outplacement Software Services Platform

Outplacement companies in growth    

The most effective outplacement is a
personal process based on dialogue

Slow and expensive manual procedures
The tools for this are often
paper manuals, Word, email
and similar manual
procedures and processes.

This causes heavy resource
consumption, tideus manual
procedures, time-consuming
administration, large paper
consumption, and lack of
overview and feedback to
your customers.

The whole process is online
web-based outplacement
system: Outplacement Software Services Platform

Candidates and counsellors interact
online on the process

Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Sustainable and
environmentally friendly
process with less paper,
binders, CDs and other
physical media.

Complete web-based online solution

Releasing resources for the personal
coaching by automating administration.
Outplacement Software Services Platform

OP11 outplacement
services come with full
functionality for the
company ... Complete set of tools for ...

Optional functionality and integration

OP11 Outplacement Platform supports all or
selected parts of the process

The largest job databases, networks and
corporate information like calender and mail
is integrated, the entire web-based solution
"invisibly" supporting an existing process

Web hosted service "cloud computing" - No
need to install any software or IT equipment
- completely supported by the Internet

Easy access for candidates, clients,
consultants and administrators from popular
platforms - pc/mac/smartphone/tablet

Outplacement Software Services Platform
hosted at
data center
with high
and support.

Steen Egeberg
Halmtorvet 30
DK-1700 Copenhagen V

cvr 17063049

OP11 is web-based platform for well-known
Danish career development, outplacement,
inplacement and career transition firms.